5 Reasons to Consider a HEPA Filter Vacuum

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     Saturday vacuum day may be a ritual at your house. You believe in the sanctum of cleanliness and are careful because your loved ones have allergies, making comfort impossible once they flare up. However, vacuuming never seems to make much of a difference. Your spouse is still sneezing and coughing when taking an afternoon nap on the couch even though you clean the throw rug religiously. What could be the issue? Your vacuum likely lacks one superpower that helps it clear most allergen particles out of the air--a HEPA filter. Let’s discuss how this filter upgrades your ordinary vacuum and the purity of your air.

HEPA And Allergy Sensitivities: What’s In Your Air?

Your home’s air is likely dirtier than your office, the hair salon, or even the park. Texas A&M researchers analyzed a workplace and the homes of those employees and found shocking results. Employee residences had high concentrations of particles and allergens that exceeded “healthy work environment” standards. Not good! Those studied admitted to having more allergy issues at home while working remotely than they experienced in the office. Continuous contact with allergens and air-borne pollutants lowers the quality of your health and increases the probability of dry eyes, headaches, heart disease, and lung cancer.

How HEPA Vacuums Can Benefit You

Seek a reliable vacuum to keep your home spic and span. We recommend HEPA vacuums if you want a vacuum that gets the job done right. Check out these five great benefits of HEPA vacuums below!

1- Makes Your Home Air as Clean as The Office (Or Cleaner)

You may hope that when you vacuum and don’t see what you just tidied on your floor anymore, it must not be there. Sometimes you may notice that your vacuum isn’t very good at picking up the dust and debris. You run over the same crumbs several times, and only a tiny percentage of them get suctioned inside. You’re likely a little disenchanted with what’s left behind–is the vacuum even doing a good job?

At the office, you can often trust janitors to perform routine cleaning duties, such as HVAC cleaning, daily vacuuming, and improved airflow. This cleaning improves the quality of the air you breathe in a professional environment. At home, these cleaning duties tend to be performed less often or simply with inferior equipment. For example, professional-grade cleaners can clean a carpet more effectively than a standard household vacuum.

2- Works On Multiple Surfaces

If you want the cleanest air, try a HEPA filter vacuum, especially if fabric curtains, carpets, and other allergen-attracting decor are within your home. It’s low maintenance and has detachable functions transforming it into a portable vacuum cleaner for your car or office. Further, these vacuums break down into one of the best handheld HEPA vacuums to clean hard-to-reach areas with an LED light system in its brush head.

3- Picks Up the Smallest Particles

Recent studies have even found that allergy medication is an unsustainable solution to help allergy sufferers long term. These studies observed that prescribing a “prescription” of purer air was the best resolution. A regular vacuum only picks up larger particles, but most dust, fine allergens, or bio-contaminants are smaller than this. Furthermore, household vacuums spit out particles smaller than 50 microns, releasing the contaminants you most want to capture into the air. These particles are so small you can’t detect them, nor can a regular vacuum.

4- Cleanses Up to 99.7% Of Bio-Contaminants

A HEPA filter vacuum cleaner is just one more way to help keep your air clean. Your HEPA filter vacuum cleaner will pick up 99.97% of bio-contaminants while simultaneously purifying the air and the floor, carpet, couch, or curtains. It can capture some of the smallest particles at 2.5 microns which is smaller than the diameter of a piece of your hair.

When your vacuum has a HEPA filter, it’s like having ten superior custodians cleaning the corner office simultaneously. Your home’s air will essentially be as clean as having almost no detectable contaminants in the air as it traps what other vacuums undoubtedly leave behind.

A HEPA filter beats the alternatives. HEPA filters behave like magnets for stubborn microparticles, while others act like leaf blowers rather than vacuum cleaners.

5- Allows you to clean quickly and efficiently

With its supplied wall bracket and 60-minute runtime, the V8006 vacuum cleaner lets you clean up small messes quickly without taking out the entire central vacuum arsenal. So you can enjoy a clean home as often as possible with as few allergens as possible. Your body will thank you!

Recap: Benefits Of A HEPA Filter Vacuum

The multifunctional nature of a HEPA vacuum increases its attractiveness because not every area of your home that promotes allergen production is on your floor. The portable vacuum cleaner feature and best handheld HEPA vacuum component are all in one solution. This solution is available with the V8006. Each vacuum has extended flexible arms that reach under sofas and beds with robust suction and washable HEPA filters.

A HEPA filter vacuum can capture/clean:

Particles other vacuums leave behind

Surfaces while purifying the air


Dust mites


Pet dander

What Is Clean Air Worth to You?

A HEPA filter vacuum cleaner isn't going to leave the worst of aeroallergen particles behind. However, it’s important to remember that this isn't a one-and-done substitute or solution; instead, it is one step of many in purifying your air. A HEPA filter vacuum cleaner can also be an investment. What is clean air worth to you?

A HEPA air purifier can assist in freeing your atmosphere from life-stopping allergies, along with mattress protectors, dehumidifiers, and bamboo sheets. Purer air is a full-time job. Maintaining proper humidity and ambient temperatures is a must.

Don't rely on just one solution for the hyper-sensitive allergy sufferer in your life, even if that sufferer is you. Protect your home and your family against naturally occurring dust and contaminants that will develop without preventative measures. Even if no individual has allergies in your household, you can prevent that from ever being the case, as the environment is also a predictor of allergy sensitivities. Shop our HEPA filter vacuum cleaner products today to begin your clean air journey and fortify your home.

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