Tips for eliminating dust mites from mattresses, sheets and comforters

Conseils pour éliminer les acariens des matelas, draps et couettes

Many people are allergic to dust mites without knowing it - in fact, around 25% of the Canadian population. Especially in winter, when the windows are closed, you might think you've got a cold when your nose is blocked, but it turns out to be a dust mite allergy.

In many cases, simply putting on an anti-dust mite cover and washing your sheets in hot water will solve the problem overnight!

But it's not just the mites that need to be eliminated. which are what cause allergies.

Molds, dust mites and dust can accumulate in these objects so close to the face, so it's important to clean them from time to time and ventilate them properly. Dust mites can accumulate in these objects, such as bed linen, because we spend most of our lives in them too.

Mattresses and bedding are among the household objects most prone to dust mite accumulation, which is a problem for health and optimal sleep, as they can even cause allergies in some people.

That's why Quebec allergists have provided some guidelines for knowing exactly what dust mites are, how to prevent them and how to clean them properly to try to eliminate them from pillows, mattresses, sheets and comforters.

More specifically, dust mites "are small arthropods of the arachnid family that live in dust and in all types of fabrics, including mattresses, sheets and pillows.s. These organisms, invisible to the naked eye, do not sting or bite, but can be very harmful due to the allergies and respiratory problems caused by their secretions", explains the organization. Dust mites feed on organic waste, such as the dead skin that accumulates daily in bedding. What's more, the humidity of sweat and the temperature of the bedroom make mattresses and bedding the ideal place for them to accumulate.

How do I clean to get rid of dust mites?

When it comes to cleaning, it's important to remember that you need to get rid not only of dust mites, but also of their allergy-causing remains.

First of all, it's possible to apply specific products, such as household acaricides, but you should read the instructions for use to find out how to apply them and on what type of materials they can be used.

You can also use the Protech Allergies spray spray on the surface of the mattress and pillow and leave it to act for a few hours, then vacuum at low speed with a brush to remove residues.

The mattress should be cleaned on both sides, while the sheets can be machine washed to eliminate dust mites. This is best done at 60°C or with the Demite or anti-dust mite detergent Protech Allergies in cold water. Tumble-drying is also recommended.

Tips to reduce the appearance of dust mites.

"The best way to prevent the presence of dust mites and the resulting discomfort is to follow a good cleaning and hygiene routine in the home," say allergists, who give a series of recommendations:

Air the house daily and open curtains to let in sunlight.

Air the bed every morning before making it.

Change and wash bamboo sheets weekly, preferably in hot water.

Don't forget to vacuum under the bed and on the mattress.

Keep the house dust-free. Avoid carpets, stuffed animals and shelves full of dusty books.

Clean curtains regularly.

Use a dust mite cover with a zipper.

Use a benzyl benzoate solution(Demite) if you want to wash in cold water to eliminate dust mites.

Using a HEPA-filtered air purifier with a CADR mininum of 100 can also help.

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We wish you the best of health.

The Protech Allergies team

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