Air Purifiers



    Being a smoker, I was skeptical about whether air purifiers really work, but after only 2 weeks of use, the filter of my P6006 purifier was already very dirty! No more cigarette smells in my house, say my children!

    Jacqueline Rousseau, Montreal

    I bought the P6006 air purifier and I am extremely satisfied. We feel better and notice healthier air in the house as we have 3 dogs and 3 cats, and it has significantly helped with my allergies. Plus, it is extremely quiet at normal speed!

    Mélanie Grenier, Quebec

    I bought the P3001 for the living room and a P1211 for my mother, who has respiratory problems and saw her condition improve in a few weeks. We don't always see pollution with our eyes but it really works!

    Nathalie Jacques, Quebec