P8000 Humidifier 4 in 1

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The latest technology on the market has finally arrived!

Reservoir: 8000 ml

Humidification: 360 ml/h

4 functions in 1 product:

1. High performance humidifier: 360 ml/h

2. Sterilizer function against viruses and bacteria

Proven effectiveness on coronavirus : ≥99,99%

Proven effectiveness on influenza virus: ≥99.99%.

3. Hydroxide function (Hydrogen production); Anti-oxidant and beneficial effect for the body.

4. Air purifier with its built-in HEPA filter

Extra filters can be purchased here.

Digital display of temperature and humidity

Weight: 2.3 kg

In night mode: <30 dB

Power 28 W (with electrolytic mode)

21 W (humidification only

1 year warranty.

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. FREE SHIPPING!

Best Price Guaranteed! We even reimburse the return costs if you are not satisfied!

*1% of sales will be donated to a non-profit organization

A humidity level between 30 and 50% is recommended. When the humidity level is below 30%, it has negative effects on our organism, such as very dry skin or respiratory tracts.

Dry air aggravates certain health problems such as colds, flu, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), sinusitis and allergies.

The Benefits of Humidifiers:

1. Prevent the flu

2. Moisturize the skin (preventing the appearance of wrinkles)

3. Improve rest and reduce snoring

4. Moisturize the throat and nose (we breathe better)

5. Prevent allergies

6. Reduce the cold at home (more comfortable environment)

Delivery with Canada Post 1 to 2 business days anywhere in Quebec

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Gabriel explains the P8000


Fast humidification with a high flow rate of 360 ml/h and a tank capacity of 8 L

2. Sterilizer function

Using electrolysis technology with salt water as raw material, sodium hypochlorite solution is produced by electrolytic reaction and is a powerful oxidizer and disinfectant


The disinfectant is very easy to make and is controlled by a microcomputer. Just add salt as a basic ingredient and you have a safe environment for your health!

Efficiency on viruses

≥99% effectiveness on Influenza virus and Coronavirus (tested by an independent organization, Guangzhou University, Department of Microbiology)

3. Hydroxide function

Numerous literatures affirm that the production of hydrogen has an anti-oxidant and beneficial effect for the organism

The benefits of hydrogen inhalation

Numerous independent studies around the world have confirmed a positive effect of hydrogen on your life span, your skin, your immunity and has an anti-oxidant effect.


With its built-in HEPA filter, remove allergens, bacteria and dirt above 0.1 microns

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Jacynthe M. Gregoire (Victoriaville, CA)
P8000 4 in 1 humidifier

I'm very satisfied with this model and what I like most is the cleaning method. It's great. Very quiet and easy to operate. Water refill between 2 and 3 days.

Alain Belanger (Montreal, CA)

Permet un sommeil profond. Facile à remplir la tour, dure près de 2jours.

Félicitations à vous tous.

Guy Philibert (Matane, CA)

Pleasantly surprised, I love the Smartphone way of working.

Louis-marie laforest (Lacolle, CA)

Good for now

Dabou (Montreal, CA)

le parfait entre deux ,j avais deja acheter plus petit , et a remplir plus souvent , 8L, PLUS plusieurs mode de brumisation . PERFECTO , Merci !