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Protech Allergies air purifiers use the latest filtration technology and improve indoor air with their high quality HEPA filtration technology. At home and in the workplace, the air purifiers minimize pollution from house dust, fine dust, bacteria and airborne viruses. The load of harmful substances, allergens and pollens is reduced and unpleasant odors are eliminated.

At home and at work: Clean and healthy air is important for our well-being and health. Airborne particles such as fine dust, allergens, pollen, fungal spores, as well as bacteria and viruses, affect our health and cause illnesses or diseases that can be prevented or mitigated with an effective air purifier. Cigarette smoke and other odors also have a disruptive effect on our well-being. Air purifiers not only filter the indoor air in the spring, when pollen is more prevalent indoors, but throughout the year, creating a healthy indoor climate for breathing freely.

The following guide will inform you about the possibilities offered by the modern and efficient air purifiers of Protech Allergies. You will find important information on the operating principle of the devices and on the most suitable purifier for your needs.

Clean air for your health - breathe deeply!

Do you know how much air we have to breathe every day? More than 10,000 liters of air are needed every day! That's about the capacity of more than 71 bathtubs. In every liter of air, there is dust, even more in the home than outside. Dust can be visible and invisible. For example, a carpet can absorb eight times its own weight in dust. Airborne bacteria and viruses are always invisible to the naked eye. In addition, other critical substances are removed from the air. Furniture, laminates and floorboards are partially contaminated with formaldehyde, which is emitted into the air in homes or offices for decades. Indoor air can be up to ten times more polluted and dust-laden than outdoor air. Since most people spend about 80% of their time indoors, it is extremely important that indoor air is clean and healthy. General cleaning, vacuuming and ventilation are often not enough to remove pathogenic particles from a room. An air purifier removes harmful substances fully automatically while improving air quality - your health will thank you!

The right air purifier for people with allergies and asthma

The presence of harmful substances and dust in the air is dangerous for people with allergies and asthma. In addition, house dust allergy is one of the most difficult allergies to treat. This is also due to the fact that there are countless sources of dust in a home. The dust itself does not make you sick. But the dust mites in house dust are considered to be the triggers for many conditions. A teaspoon of bedroom dust contains an average of 1,000 dust mites and 250,000 small balls of dust mite droppings. Typically, six milligrams of dust per square meter accumulates in living spaces every day. So if you want clean, fresh air, it makes sense to use a high-capacity air purifier.

But even if you don't have any ailments, indoor air quality is a critical factor in staying healthy. Bacteria and viruses are invisible and can be found everywhere. For example, an office contains 100 times more bacteria than a kitchen. During flu season, a cubic meter of air can contain up to 15,000 particles of flu virus, and new types of viruses such as SARS-CoV-2 are spread primarily through the air. In the office, this is compounded by contamination from evaporating glue, markers and toner.

Why are high efficiency HEPA filter systems important?

Air purifiers The Protech Allergies series, which are equipped with multiple filter systems, are air purifiers for allergies and other problems that give very good results in improving the air in the room. All Protech Allergies air purifiers are equipped with a combination of two or three filters.

Healthy indoor climate thanks to "Double and Triple Protection" filtration technology.

By directly combining several different filter technologies, Protech Allergies air purifiers reliably remove airborne particles and pathogens from indoor air. In addition to the high-efficiency Class 13 HEPA filters to filter out bacteria, viruses, pollen, allergens, fine dust particles or mold spores down to a size of 1.

For clean air - without unpleasant odors

As the most powerful Protech Allergies device®, the "Triple Protection" filter technology of the P1211, P3001 and P6006 air purifiers also features a highly effective charcoal filter to neutralize odors from tobacco, pets, cooking, smoke, formaldehyde and solvents among others.

The highly efficient HEPA filters used in Protech Allergies air purifiers® have been DOP tested. The working principle of these filters is very effective. Compared to HEPA filters, the difference is clear. Although these filters can be purchased at a lower price, when using them, the disadvantages are obvious. Especially in the case of fine biological and man-made dust particles smaller than one micrometer, cheap imitations are much less effective than real HEPA filters. It is imperative that a qualified air cleaner retains dust and especially extremely small particles. This prevents tiny particles from reaching the lungs and bloodstream. Anyone wishing to use an air purifier to combat allergies will quickly recognize the positive properties of a HEPA filter over other air purification techniques.

The HEPA Filter: Pay attention to the original HEPA filter

If HEPA filters are used, it is crucial that they are genuine HEPA filters. The True-HEPA filter rating ensures the highest quality. When purchasing air cleaners and filters, make sure they are properly labeled.

If filters or their capacity are described only in terms of "similar to HEPA" or "comparable to HEPA", be extremely careful. In these cases, the capacity may be limited.

In contrast, the P1211, P3001, P6006 air purifiers are equipped with HEPA filters of protection class 13. This guarantees optimal results in room air filtration.

Which filter classes are required for which sizes of harmful particles?

Summary table:

Filter separation classes and particle sizes of hazardous substances.

Whether pollen, fine dust, tobacco smoke, pathogens or even asbestos - with the right filter class and the right combination of different filters, virtually all types of harmful substances can be filtered out of the air.

The pollutant particles in the air can be classified according to their size.

Air purifiers with ionizer:

Effective purification and improvement of the room air.

Air purifiers with integrated ionizer work carefully and reliably. The ionizer produces negative ions that have an antistatic effect. This results in a negative charge on all particles in the air. Due to this charge, the particles are heavier than the ambient air and fall to the ground. These particles can then be easily removed with a vacuum cleaner. Remember to vacuum: Often, more dust is removed than vacuumed. With ionizing technology, this problem can be avoided because you effortlessly remove the heaviest dust with the vacuum cleaner. The air in the room is effectively purified by this technology. The air is also enriched with active oxygen.

The particles of harmful substances in the air can be classified according to their size. The attached table gives a practical overview of the filter separation rates and filter combinations to be used for each room air pollutant (sizes indicated in micrometers).

(sizes shown in micrometers, one micrometer being equal to one thousandth of a millimeter).

Air purifiers in bedrooms and children's rooms:

Quiet appliances for a quiet sleeping environment.

If the device is placed in a bedroom or a child's room to purify and improve the air, the volume plays an important role. When purchasing, look for a quiet model with timer and sleep mode features. Air purifiers are especially useful in case of allergies - especially in the bedroom, house dust can significantly affect your health. Use the air purifier to effectively remove dust and pollen.

Convenience of use

Useful additional features of an air purifier

Various additional functions increase the convenience of using an air purifier. The infrared remote control is very convenient, as it allows you to control the device comfortably from your sofa or desk. Configure the unit to suit your personal needs. If the unit is equipped with a timer function and a standby mode, you can adapt it individually to your personal rhythm.

Clean air for your health!

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