How to choose an air purifier?

It often happens that once you have decided to buy a certain product, you make your life difficult when choosing it, because you don't know which parameters to focus on.

That's why we want to explain to you in simple terms what you should look for when choosing your air purifier, because trust us: it's about to become a "must have" in your home.

HEPA Filters

It isimportant to ensure that your purifier is equipped with HEPA filters, as these are capable of filtering out allergens, fumes, pollution, dust and even pet hair, thus providing a pure and clean environment for the whole family. It should be noted that these filters should be replaced at regular intervals - approximately 6 months - to ensure the purifier's optimal performance.

Adjusting the power

It is advisable that the equipment you choose allows you to adjust its power according to the level of pollution in the environment. We advise you to choose models that indicate - thanks to a modern sensor - the quality of the air at that moment and the recommended power to cope with this situation.


Household appliances, as a rule, tend to emit annoying noises when they operate. It is therefore important to choose the appliance that disturbs your environment the least, especially if you plan to use it at night. To do this, we advise you to evaluate the noise levels emitted by each device and read the reviews of previous buyers, as you may find reliable indicators.

Coverage area

This point is extremely important and will be decisive in the choice of your device, because not all of them have the same coverage area. Therefore, it is essential, before making the purchase, to determine and measure the space you want to purify and, based on this, choose a device.

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