Why buy an air purifier and how to choose it?


The function of an air purifier is to eliminate pollution present in the environment: pollen, dust mites, dust, tobacco smoke...in general, harmful substances. This is why an air purifier can reduce health risks, while becoming an essential ally for people who suffer from some form of allergy.

Air purifiers capture air from the environment with a fan, put it through a filter where impurities are trapped and return clean air and, in some cases, with less odor.

Choosing the right air purifier can sometimes be difficult, and there are several factors to consider:

It is advisable that the purifier be equipped with HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air?) filters because the retention capacity is essential in determining the quality of the air that will enter the room.

We will need to know the cubic meters of the room we want to purify. The more cubic meters we have to cover, the more power we will need.

Keep in mind that the air purifier will work permanently in our house, so it should not exceed 55 dB so that the noise does not disturb sleep or tranquility in the house.

It is important that the model chosen has the ability to operate autonomously, detecting variations in air quality and particles, and thus adapting its operating time and power used.It should also be equipped with additional technologies that complement the purification of HEPA filters, such as ionization, activated carbon or ultraviolet rays if you want to remove the maximum amount of pollution present in the air.

The last thing to consider is how often this HEPA filter needs to be changed, which varies depending on the model you choose.

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