RECOMMENDED by Allergists

Our dust mite covers cover all 6 sides of the mattress as recommended by allergists (which is rarely the case with covers sold in large centers) for maximum protection of the air quality in the room and an extension of the life of your mattress. We have the highest anti-dust mite certification on the market (98.6% score on D. Farinae). We are one of the Canadian companies recommended by allergists.

RECOMMENDED by Allergists

A 100% smooth polyester cover (leaving no space for dust mites to lodge) with a zipper closure and a flap at the end. Features one of the best dust mite protectors on all 6 sides of the mattress to help maintain a healthy environment for your family.


Covers with cotton tops are not recommended by allergists as the cotton filaments on the top serve as ideal hosts for dust mites.

housse anti acarien
housse avec élastique anti acariens

Elasticated mattress covers only protect the 5 sides of the mattress and not the bottom. When a person sits on the bed, dust mite allergens are released into the air and bother the allergic person.

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housse anti acariens entretien
housse anti acarien recommandation protection

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One in four people suffer from some form of allergy. The most common is caused by dust mites.

Repeated colds, constant runny nose, sneezing, itchy eyes and throat, wheezing... This type of allergy is really annoying for those of us who suffer from it.

The most effective treatment is to avoid exposure to dust mites as much as possible. Although it is really difficult to completely eliminate dust mites, we can significantly reduce them by following some hygiene and cleanliness tips at home: vacuuming every day, airing out for at least 10 minutes a day or cleaning the dust with a damp cloth instead of using a feather duster, reducing humidity...
These are some basic rules for anyone with allergies.

But there are other steps we should take that not everyone knows about.

These tiny enemies have a favorite place to live: our sleeping area. In the mattress, comforter, upholstery, pillows and cushions.

It is essential to wash sheets at high temperature at least once a week, but if you want to keep them at bay, the ideal is to use a good anti-mite protector and anti-allergy pillows made of memory foam.

This will definitely make life easier and more comfortable, especially when it comes to resting. A dust mite protector acts as a real barrier.

Dust mite covers are made of very dense fabrics that prevent dust mites from settling in the mattress or pillow and rising to the surface, thus reducing our symptoms.

In our Protech Allergies store, you will find a wide range of anti-dust mite solutions.

At Protech Allergies, we like to protect your sleep, because we know that a little happiness lies in sleeping well.