V8006 Cordless Handheld HEPA-Filter Vacuum Cleaner

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Quickly clean your home

Lightweight at 2.5 kg

Powerful 380-watt motor

Autonomy of 40 minutes in normal mode and 15 minutes in maximum mode

16 kpa suction in normal mode and 22 kpa in maximum mode

Easy-to-store wall bracket

Keep your home clean at all times

Clean under furniture without bending over with its folding handle

Don't miss a corner with its LED light

Purify your air with its washable HEPA filter

Noise level below 50 db

No longer dependent on your central vacuum

Easy-to-store wall bracket

Dust tank capacity: 0.8 L

Charging time: 3-4 hours

25.9 V lithium battery (2200 mAh) easy to operate

Digital motor for strong suction and long life

Maggie shows you the V8006

Why choose a cordless vacuum cleaner?

Cleaning, and especially vacuuming, isn't exactly a pleasure, but it's necessary for the upkeep of our home.

To make this arduous task easier, in recent years the cordless vacuum cleaner has become increasingly popular and more and more present in homes, replacing traditional vacuum cleaners.

First of all, the greatest advantage of this vacuum cleaner is obviously, as its name suggests, that it has no cables.
Indeed, we're all familiar with the problem of too-short cables that have to be disconnected and reconnected several times during cleaning. In some rooms, there isn't even a power outlet, making cleaning difficult. With a cordless vacuum cleaner, you no longer need these cables.

One of the disadvantages of cords is that they can also get caught in furniture and pull on it, even tripping you up.

The cordless vacuum cleaner can be used anywhere, anytime, even without electricity, as long as its battery is charged.

Hard-to-reach places

It's not easy to vacuum a heavily furnished room, and you risk breaking something on the base or even the cord. As a result, the upright vacuum cleaner is easier to handle and takes up less space, making it easier to move around, as well as to clean your car or caravan, for example.

But what's the reason for this change?

Since the start of the pandemic, sales of household appliances have exploded, and the number of households equipped with a cordless vacuum cleaner has risen considerably. The reason: 53% of Quebecers say they have increased their frequency of use of these appliances. We're spending more time at home (confinement, telecommuting, etc.), which has been a driving force behind this type of purchase.

What are the advantages of cordless vacuum cleaners?

Cordless vacuum cleaners offer many features that traditional canister vacuum cleaners do not. But what are the real advantages of cordless vacuum cleaners?

The cordless vacuum cleaner offers many advantages that traditional vacuum cleaners don't. We've found them for you:

Save time and energy

Would you like to clean your home thoroughly and efficiently? Then a cordless vacuum cleaner will be your best ally. Some areas of your home need frequent cleaning, but are sometimes difficult to reach: ceilings and moldings, corners, tops and bottoms of furniture or sofas, blinds, walls... Cleaning your stairs is a difficult task, as vacuum cleaners are too heavy and cumbersome, but thanks to the great flexibility of cordless vacuum cleaners, and their light weight, you'll save time and energy. What's more, you don't have to worry about the power cable, plugging it in, putting it away...

Reduce your electricity bill

For a traditional vacuum cleaner to work, it has to be plugged into a power source for the duration of the cleaning operation. As a result, they consume much more energy than cordless vacuums, which usually run on lithium batteries. They will therefore need to be recharged according to their charge capacity, but will require less plug-in time and therefore consume less electricity in the long term.

The various accessories supplied with a cordless vacuum cleaner

When you buy a cordless vacuum cleaner, you'll receive all kinds of accessories that will enable you to clean your living space as effectively as possible. Your vacuum cleaner can be adapted to all types of floors and surfaces: carpet, linoleum, parquet, car interiors... But also accessories to clean
sofas, mattresses, ceilings, walls and niches.

Less clutter

A traditional vacuum cleaner takes up a lot of space, and its base is often very imposing, making it difficult to store. With a cordless vacuum cleaner, you can say goodbye to the clutter of a corded vacuum cleaner. In fact, upright vacuums are often slimmer and simpler than canister vacuums, making them much easier to store. What's more, manufacturers are increasingly making cordless vacuums that can be hung directly on a wall in the home, for quicker use and storage.

What is a HEPA filter used for?

The HEPA filter, short for High Efficiency Particulate Air, is a filter found in a variety of appliances, including some cordless vacuum cleaners. This filter is one of the most moderate, i.e. one of the most efficient. It is capable of filtering up to 99.95% of particles present in the air.

The function of the HEPA filter is to filter the air, eliminate all undesirable particles and return it to the room once purified and healthier to breathe.

This filter is capable of retaining various allergens, which is why it is most recommended for allergy sufferers.

Don't wait any longer! Try the V8006 today, and you'll be delighted with a clean home all day, every day, in no time!