What are the characteristics of a Good Memory Foam Pillow?

Quelles sont les caractéristiques d'un bon oreiller mousse mémoire?

This year we want to sleep well and know how to get a better night's sleep, with a pillow that fits you. Discover the characteristics of a quality viscoelastic pillow because there are a plethora of quality.

We already know that the viscoelastic material or memory foam has many benefits for our health. The viscoelastic material was developed by NASA with unique and innovative properties to relieve the pressure of the body. Viscoelastic is a foam composed of open microcells through which air flows freely, allowing for proper ventilation.

Viscoelastic is a very popular material for mattresses and pillows. Viscoelastic pillows come in different shapes and firmnesses. No matter how you sleep, there is sure to be a pillow that fits you perfectly.

Features of a Memory Foam Pillow
A memory foam pillow relieves pressure, conforms to your neck and head, and returns to its original shape when you move or stand up. Viscoelastic pillows are recommended by doctors for people with neck and/or back problems.

When choosing a visco-elastic pillow, you should consider your usual sleeping position: face down, face up or on your side. Side sleepers need a medium height pillow, stomach sleepers should choose a low pillow, and back sleepers will sleep best with a medium height pillow.

It should be noted that it is not recommended to wash a memory foam pillow. Most viscoelastic pillows have two covers, one outer and one inner. Some brands treat the covers with a product against dust mites, fungi and bacteria. The covers are washable and available in different materials, depending on the brand and pillow model.

Benefits of a viscoelastic pillow
The main benefits of a viscoelastic pillow:

Cervical relief
Reduces the need to change position during the night

Viscoelastic pillows available
Not all memory foam pillows are suitable for all types of sleep. We recommend that you purchase a well-known brand, otherwise you risk bringing home a poor quality pillow that will quickly lose its beneficial features. Choose national brands known for their excellent quality and price.

Protech Allergies memory foam pillows has the highest quality BASF memory foam on the market and we have less than 1% return rate on this very popular product.

They come in 2 popular models, the ergonomic pillow for those who sleep on their side and the orthopedic pillow, which is a little thinner and more suitable for those who sleep on their back (but if you turn it upside down, you can sleep on your side too).

All our pillows are equipped with hypoallergenic protection systems against dust mites, bacteria and fungus and you get the 30-day satisfaction guarantee because with less than 1% return rate, we can afford it.

We wish you the best and most comfortable nights of sleep

The Protech Allergies team

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