What type of sheets should I use to combat intense heat?

Quel type de draps utiliser pour lutter contre la chaleur intense ?

Can't bear to cover up at night because of the intense heat? There are ideal materials for your sheets in summer.

If you also have sensitive or allergic skin, there are textiles that are just right for you.

High temperatures can make sleeping a nightmare.

High temperatures are not only felt during the day because of the sun, but many nights become a misery when you lie down and can't stand the heat. Did you know that there are ideal materials for your sheets? We explain how to choose the best textile.

The key is to opt for natural rather than synthetic fabrics, especially cotton, although you can also opt for linen, silk or bamboo.

And on hot days, there's nothing like lightness, softness and breathability to keep your bed as cool as possible on summer nights.

What are the characteristics of bamboo sheets?
Bamboo textiles have become softer and more absorbent than cotton itself, thanks to their natural natural breathability and thermoregulatory properties.. In the case of sheets, they offer unrivalled softness and particularly suitable for sensitive or allergic skin They are also anti-dust mite and anti-fungal, preventing bacteria from spreading through the bedding and dust mites from reproducing. If you're suffering this summer from the sheets you use on your bed, you should know that bamboo sheets have an insulating effect thanks to their fresh, natural weave.

Finally, bamboo is the fastest-growing plant in the world and an environmentally-friendly resource. You can help protect the environment by using bamboo.

How do I wash bamboo sheets?
It's best to machine-wash them in cold or lukewarm water, but you can also wash Protech Allergies sheets in cold or lukewarm water. Protech Allergies sheets in hot water to kill dust mites, as they are made stronger than average. For drying, we recommend the delicate cycle. Use only a mild detergent and tumble dry at low speed. You can also air-dry them.

We hope you enjoy a peaceful and comfortable night's sleep with your new high-quality sheets.

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