Is an air purifier useful against forest fire smoke?

Est-ce utile un purificateur d'air contre la fumée de feux de forêt?

Smoke from forest fires is a form of air pollution that can damage your health.

Why is smoke harmful?

It contains very small particles of pollution (known as PM) that penetrate the lungs when inhaled. These particles can cause irritation and inflammation. Of all the pollutants present in forest fire smoke, it is particulate matter that poses the greatest health risk.

Most symptoms can be treated without medical intervention:
Eye irritation
Runny nose
Mild cough
Sore throat
Exhalation of phlegm

Some people may experience more serious symptoms and need to seek immediate medical attention. Talk to your doctor at an outpatient clinic if you experience the following symptoms:

Shortness of breath
Severe cough
Chest pain
People at risk

Everyone reacts differently to smoke, and some people are at greater risk of health effects. It is particularly important for the following groups of people to reduce their exposure to wildfire:

  • People with pre-existing chronic conditions such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), heart disease and diabetes.
  • pregnant women
  • infants and young children
  • the elderly
  • People diagnosed with a respiratory infection.

Forest fire smoke can affect other people too. Everyone reacts differently, so listen to your body and reduce your exposure if smoke affects you.

Protect-yourself from the smoke from fires from fires

The best way to visit protect from effects potentially harmful effects of the smoke from fires from forest fires is to reduce its exposure à the smoke and from search for a air more air :

Use a purifier purifier HEPA air purifier for filter air at a zone from your home.

If you do not a filter à air filter HEPA, consider to manufacturing a filter à air filter at box.

Visit the spaces public spaces such as such as the centers community centers, the libraries and the centers malls, where indoor indoor air is generally more cleaner and more fresh.

Limit the activities outdoor activities and exercise exercise at days when he y a of the smoke, because more you breathe harder, the more you inhale of smoke.

Drink plenty water for reduce inflammation.

If you work à outside, wear a mask respirator N95 properly fitted by by professionals from the health professionals and at the safety at workplace.

At the extent of possible, use use air conditioners, use pumps à heat pumps, the chillers by evaporative coolers, des fans and the louvers for maintain airspace airspace clean and comfortably cool for the hot days hot days. The overheating can lead to severe serious problems of health.

Tool of the dimension air health

The rating air health rating (CAS) is a tool designed for help the people à understand how the quality of quality can affect their health and how they can themselves protect when the quality of quality is poor. It is based on of measurements of particles particles (PM2.5), ground-level emissions (O3) and of dioxide dioxide (NO2).

Data from monitoring from the quality of quality

The concentrations of PM2.5 constitute the best measure of the quality of air due à the smoke from fires at smoke.

All Protech Allergies air purifiers air purifiers feature the PM2.5 sensor from from monitors from quality from monitors and tell you whether your air is polluted or not. All also have a medical HEPA filter as recommended by pulmonologists.

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