8 Reasons You Need Bamboo Sheets

raisons avoir draps en bambou

           Sleeping in a heavenly-air purified atmosphere knowing your HEPA air purifier is dependable and on its cleansing duties is a welcomed comfort. But why would you sleep in an air-purified bedroom on unprotected bed sheets that are susceptible to the dust mites and allergens you're purifying from your air? You wouldn't, right? Bamboo sheets are some of the most effective hypoallergenic bedding for clean, safe sleep. Not only should your sheets be attractive and comfortable, but they should also offer benefits that improve your sleep long-term.

1. Anti-Static

Did you know static can keep you from sleeping?

Do you remember the last time you touched a car door or hugged your friend and felt a sudden shock? That surprise shock is due to all of the electricity our bodies are made up of. And because these positive and negative ions are zooming throughout our bodies on a continuous basis and will come in contact with other electricity-producing items or people.

We don't automatically think about this, but even while you are sleeping, there is static build up in our bodies and in the room around us. For instance, if your phone is charging near you, a bedside lamp or other electric devices can create friction, producing static and heat. Static can cause our sleep to be interrupted and reduce its quality.

The more important thing to note is that even without a TV or a computer nearby, the wrong sheets can create static as you move around in your bed. Luckily, the right sheets, such as those made from bamboo, reduce friction and can actively eliminate static. This is one of the hube benefits of bamboo sheets - they have natural anti-static properties.

2. Cooling And Moisture-Wicking

Tests have been performed on fabrics containing bamboo fibres, substantiating their moisture-wicking properties. These sheets have been found to be more absorbent and with higher wickability than other types of sheets. In fact, they have overall better moisture management and drying properties than cotton and other materials, according to the Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research. Further, they are known to keep you a few degrees cooler when you sleep, which increases their ability to reduce sweating in your sleep.

Made Of Cellulosic Fibre

What makes cellulosic fibres so impressive are their ability to absorb large amounts of moisture. This fact is largely due to their regenerative nature, according to the Principles of Textile Finishing. Essentially, while you're sleeping (and especially during more humid times of the year), your bedding captures moisture. When the sheets absorb this moisture their fibres swell. The swelling then causes a shrinkage effect in response.

Deep within the fibre, their shapeless polymer chains move because of the moisture and swelling. Polymers are known for being hydrophobic (fear of water). The electric bonds in the fabrics are then interrupted, and the polymer can take on a new form and stay in place. The fact that these cells can adjust their shape help protect you and the bed sheets from harbouring moisture that attracts dust mites, as well as help keep you cool through the night.

The cooling, moisture-wicking, and anti-static properties work together with the cellulosic fibre of the sheets. These bamboo sheets are hard working.

3. OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certification

The OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certification provides a label to certify every aspect of our bedding from end to end was tested for toxic substances and has been found harmless to humans. Tests on this bedding were performed by a certified OEKO-TEX partner to help ensure that you receive the highest quality sheets. OEKO labelled goods tend to exceed requirements, making them well above the standard.

In reality, this means that you can rest assured knowing that the bamboo used in your bamboo bed sheets is as natural as possible. The bamboo itself was grown following very strict guidelines for fertilizers, pesticide, and other chemicals. From there, the creation of the sheets themselves also followed strict procedures to help ensure that the finished product is not harmful or full of chemicals.

4. Hypoallergenic, Anti-Microbial, And Anti-Bacteria

The natural hypoallergenic properties are some of the big benefits of bamboo sheets. These properties help the bedding repel dust mites, mould, mildew, and other bio-contaminants. Bamboo bed sheets get their anti-bacterial properties from a naturally occurring anti-microbial substance or bio-agents called bamboo kun. This is a fusion that forms as the bamboo fibres grow in conjunction with the cellulose molecules. In the wild, these anti-microbial properties help keep preying pests away from the plant, and once the bamboo is made into sheets, these properties make the sheets a natural repellent to dust mites.

5. Better Sleep

We spend a considerable amount of time sleeping. Studies show that, on average, we sleep over 200,000 hours or ⅓ of our lives. Because of this, quality sleep is pivotal. Allergens have a notorious ability to disturb our sleep, wake us up with congestion, or make it difficult to fall or stay asleep. Bamboo sheets are assistive in combating this by offering opportunities for increased sleep quality. According to The Nature and Science of Sleep, sleep quality is correlated with healthy development and overall health.

To measure the health of your slumber, consider if you sleep for the recommended time frames related to your age and gender. Healthy sleep requires that your sleep quality is actually good and you're sleeping when you should in line with your natural circadian rhythm. It’s also important to keep in mind any known sleep disorders you may have.

A lack of sleep sometimes leads to life-altering mood swings, daytime drowsiness and fatigue, depression, and reduced cognitive functioning. These issues, along with the lack of quality sleep itself have been show to also affect mortality rates, medical co-morbidities, and overall safety. When we don't sleep enough, it can lead to diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, depression and being overweight. A lack of good sleep essentially leads to us burning the candle at both ends.

Bamboo sheets repel dust mites that can get caught in your fabrics and inhaled during sleep. We shed dead skin considerably on our pillows and on our beds, with every unconscious scratch or roll over in bed. Luckily, bamboo sheets keep dust mites from choosing your bed as a new home. On top of this, they are anti-bacterial and anti-static.

Alongside bamboo sheets, air purifiers are known as effective allergen reducers. A cross-sectional study of 100 patients between 20-60 years old were analyzed to determine the effects of air purification devices on their sleep. They found that the use of a HEPA-grade air purifier provided those studied with a more comfortable and restful sleep without reactions such as itching skin, nasal congestion, itchy or watery eyes.

6. Allergies Demand Relief

According to Canadian Allergy, for every five Canadians, one will suffer from hay fever (allergic rhinitis). This means 20% of the population is suffering from allergies. An Environmental Research and Public Health study on Canadian aeroallergens found part of this common occurrence could be connected to the increase in allergic reactions and conditions in developed and high-income countries. The increase in population size has made allergies a global public health issue.

Scientists believe the culprit may be environmental as pollutants in our air and aeroallergens could be causes for the increase. The reason for this increase is believed to be primarily because of how and when we are exposed to pollutants and allergens has changed. Additionally, our environment will help determine how sensitive we are to certain diseases that occur because of hypersensitivity to allergens.

The environment also reveals allergy sensitivities that may be caused by genetics, which make individuals prone to certain conditions. Overall, our hereditary makeup determines how these things show up from generation to generation, how they'll be transmitted, how a person responds, and how they react when exposed to an allergen in their environment.

The more significant issue is that so many allergens are airborne. Due to the population increase, pollutants also increase. Consider this: when more people move to an area, it spurs growth in the development of housing and services. Construction that is not sustainable produces pollution; people will also drive more often, as well as participate in more allergen-creating activities. More than ever, people are being exposed to these airborne allergens and are having their personal lives radically and directly affected by the symptoms they produce.

Some of the environmental pieces leading to allergies are pollen proteins and mould spore proteins. Pollen, also an aeroallergen of the ragweed or ambrosia variety, is extremely common in Canada. Further, allergens such as pollution and the particles they create and indoor and outdoor pollution support these allergen-rich environments. Bamboo sheets, however, can help make some of these more tolerable and, in some cases, help eliminate exposure with the use of other methods.

7. Benefits of Bamboo Sheets

Our bamboo sheets are 100% organic bamboo, highly sustainable, and renewable. The hypoallergenic nature of bamboo sheets comes from processing the bamboo plant fibres, which are thinned and dissolved until they are supple and soft within a sodium mixture, which turns it into a usable pulp that is later dried. No toxic chemicals are used.

The dried pulp is fashioned into yarn, then threaded into the slumber-inducing sheets we're known for. Our carbon footprint is little to nonexistent, and we get to maintain all the qualities that make bamboo so effective for healthy sleep. It is naturally moisture-wicking; moisture is the holy grail for dust mites. Reducing moisture in every facet of home decor and appliances is part of a hypoallergenic and clean air home.

8. What Bamboo Sheets Offer That Alternative Cotton Sheets Don't

What can bamboo sheets offer that cotton sheets can't? Or do cotton sheets offer benefits you can't live without? Let's dig deeper and discover the differences and commonalities between these types of sheets. Bamboo sheets are known to be more sustainable as they use little to no water in the cultivation process. Cotton sheets, on the other hand, generally are less sustainable and the creation process requires much more water and energy.

Today, water is often regulated and limited due to droughts, shortages, and other contamination. Socially conscious and environmentally friendly shopping decisions factor into our purchases more than they have in decades past. Cotton cultivation uses a considerable amount of water and takes between 150 to 180 days to grow. Bamboo generally takes about two months - or 60 days - to grow, while some bamboo species regrow within 24 hours. It's one of the fastest-growing plants in the world. Thus, bamboo is sustainable, easily renewable, and less taxing on the planet's resources.

Although cotton sheets can also be organic, hypoallergenic, and non-toxic, this is a much more intense process. When purified cotton or seeded cotton is not used, GMO cotton seeds are used in the growing process along with other toxic chemicals. However, cotton is known for its breathability and softness.

If you’re looking for the best sheets possible, there are a lot of aspects to consider. Looking for the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 label can help you make a choice between better and best.

Comparison of Bamboo Sheets Vs. Cotton Sheets

Bamboo Sheets




Preservative/Non-toxic processing


Naturally hypoallergenic



Absorbs 40% more water than cotton

Dries quickly


Cotton Sheets





Porous–attracting dust mites

Less Absorbent

Chemicals used in processing

Natural Fiber

Not-eco friendly

Whether you’re in the market for bamboo sheet sets specifically, or you’re simply trying to help improve your sleep, look no further. We offer a variety of bamboo sheets for your home. These sheets can help reduce the allergens in your home and in your bed, as well as give you a comfortable night’s sleep. When considering the benefits of bamboo sheets, don’t discount the cool, comfortable feeling you get every night when you climb into bed.

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