6 benefits of using a humidifier

avantages des humidificateurs
The humidifier is a device that controls the humidity of the environment by providing an appropriate atmosphere. Its use is beneficial for the whole family, especially when the environment is dry. Let's see what it is used for, what are its functions and benefits and when it is not recommended.

What is a humidifier and what is it used for?

A humidifier is a device that increases the humidity of the environment if necessary. For example, if you use air conditioning or heating, the humidity in the room may be affected. A level between 40 and 60% is recommended. When the humidity level is below 40%, it causes negative effects on our body, such as very dry skin or airways.

The use of humidifiers is convenient to maintain these adequate humidity levels in closed spaces. This way, you'll avoid problems, especially if you live with the elderly or minors. They are the most sensitive to dryness in the environment. In particular, ultrasonic humidifiers, in addition to creating a proper atmosphere, are quiet and can be equipped with a shut-off system and LED lighting. These are the most commonly used in everyday life.

When should a humidifier be used?

Especially in dry environments. Dry air aggravates certain health problems and using a humidifier can benefit you. These problems are quite varied. Here are some of them:

Colds and flu
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

In addition, This type of environment causes eye irritation, nasal congestion, dry skin, frequent coughing, throat and nose irritation, headaches and chapped lips. Symptoms that you can avoid by using this simple and convenient device.

6 benefits of using a humidifier

There are many benefits to using humidifiers. Let's look at the most relevant ones that will make your home a healthy space for the whole family. In addition, you can use an essence or essential oil to create very pleasant, relaxing or purified environments.

1. Prevents the flu
A good humidity level prevents the spread of the flu. According to a study by an independent research organization in the United StatesAccording to a study, the use of humidifiers can reduce the risk of contracting the flu. The results showed that when the humidity level is higher than 40%, the viral particles are deactivated. This makes them less infectious.

2. Moisturizes the skin
When we live in a cold and dry environment, the skin loses its moisture. And this leads to many types of problems such as dryness, flaking or premature aging of the skin. By using a humidifier, you avoid these harmful problems and moisturize your skin. As a result, your skin looks healthier, smoother and more radiant every day. In addition, you improve the symptoms of certain sensitive skin conditions like atopic dermatitis.

3. Improves rest and reduces snoring
When we sleep in a very dry environment, we often wake up with a sore throat, dry nose or headache. So, for a good night's sleep and a good awakening, keep the humidity level in your home at the right level. Everyone will feel the benefits of using it and will sleep much better. It also helps reduce snoring by moisturizing the airways.

4. Moisturizes the throat and nose
You know that feeling in winter of having a dry nose and throat? Cold, dry environments dehydrate these sensitive areas of our bodies. Even more so when you have a cold. In addition, these environments reduce the resistance to viruses and bacteria. For all these reasons and to prevent respiratory problems, the use of these comfortable devices is recommended. In the morning, you will wake up breathing beautifully.

5. Prevents allergies
In high humidity environments, it is common for dust mites, molds and bacteria to grow. These situations can lead to the development of specific allergies or respiratory problems. You can prevent this by using ultrasonic humidifiers on a daily basis. By preventing the growth of these microorganisms in the home, which are so harmful to the health of children, the elderly or those who already suffer from allergies of this type.

6. Reduce the cold in your home
Using a humidifier at home makes the atmosphere less cold. Daily use of a humidifier keeps the house warm and reduces the feeling of cold and dryness. By increasing the humidity in the room to an appropriate level, you reduce this feeling without changing the temperature. This can be achieved by using a humidifier, especially during the colder months of the year. In addition, by using this type of device, you will use other appliances such as heaters less often.

Contraindications of use
There are not many contraindications to the use of humidifiers. If we use it at the right times, when it is convenient to use it, we will get the best benefits.

In some circumstances, for example, if they are not recommended by health professionals or if they are not kept clean, they may not be as beneficial. In these cases, it is best not to use them. Remember to use them only when you need to improve the humidity of the environment, keep them clean and place them in a dry place protected from outside agents.

Finally, don't forget that if you have any doubts about the benefits or use of humidifiers, you can ask your question to info@protechallergies.com. We will solve them and inform you of what you need.

Wishing you the best of health.

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