The best place for your air purifier

Le meilleur endroit pour placer votre purificateur d'air

If you've got an air purifier in your home, you've probably wondered about the best place to place it and make the most of its benefits. In this article, we'll show you the best place to place your air purifier, based on various measurements.


For an air purifier to work at 100%, it needs space around it to draw in air and expel it cleanly back into the room. If we place the purifier close to the wall, it only absorbs 5% of the air it can. If it's just 4 cm from the wall, the airflow increases from 5% to 94%. But if we move it 10 cm away, the airflow is 100%.

As not all air purifiers have the same design and position of the air inlet, the best place to place your air purifier is 15 cm from the wall. If you don't have a way of measuring this distance, use your smartphone as a reference. Place your phone between the wall and your air purifier to make sure the distance is correct.


Does it really matter where you place your air purifier in the room? Is it better to place it close to you to benefit from cleaner air?

To answer these questions, several tests were carried out with particle counters placed in different areas and at different heights in a room. The meter closest to the air purifier showed an improvement in air quality of less than 1% compared with the meter furthest from the air purifier. In short, the proximity or remoteness of the air purifier is not a relevant factor in breathing cleaner air.

Therefore, as long as your air purifier is in a space equal to or less than its purification capacity (CADR), location is irrelevant, as the air is purified with the same efficiency. But it is very important to respect the distance between the purifier and the wall, so as to benefit from its 100% flow.

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