As allergists recommend, humidity in the home should be controlled, ideally at 45% or less because humidity levels of 50% or more promote the proliferation of dust mites. Create a healthy environment in your home for your health and that of your loved ones by controlling its humidity levels.


1: High-power solid-state refrigeration devices provide efficient dehumidification.

2: Filter design can filter out flocculants and hydrophilic particles and inhibits mould growth.

3: Clear water tank with gradient RGB-coloured lights.

4: Quiet and comfortable, the maximum decibel value of the product is 35dB during operation.

5: Built-in full-tank shut-off mechanism makes the environment dry and comfortable during the dehumidification process.

6: Water tank induction mechanism offering stable performance.

7. Prevents mildew, musty smells, dust mites, associated respiratory problems, water condensation, and wood damage.

Keep the air humidity at an optimal level
Keep your home at a comfortable humidity level for your family! Allergists recommend maintaining a home humidity level of less than 45% as dust mites thrive at over 50% humidity. Don’t take any chances. Create a healthy home environment for your family.
Product features

Water tank capacity: 1000 ml

Weight: 1.3 kg ( 2.87 lb)

Dehumidifying capacity: 5㎡-26㎡ (53.82 - 165 square feet ) 350 ml/day (30°C 80% RH)

Noise: <35dB

Operating temperature: 20℃-50℃ (68℉-122℉)

Places to use: home, office, bathroom, closet

Packaging details: 1 x Air dehumidifier

1 x DC Adapter

1 x User manual

Warranty: 1 year

Is a dehumidifier useful?

You may have the impression that a dehumidifier is a kind of luxury product, or in other words, a totally dispensable electrical appliance.

However, a dehumidifier is much more than a device that frees our home from humidity on a whim, as it provides us with many benefits, both material and sanitary.

Is it good to use a dehumidifier?

Want to know the benefits of using a dehumidifier at home? Here is a summary of the five most important ones. A dehumidifier:

1. Eliminates dust mites, mould, and mildew.

Humidity levels of 50% or more encourage the reproduction of dust mites and the development of mould. By maintaining a humidity level below 50% in the rooms, all these elements will be eliminated to a large extent,, leading to a healthier atmosphere in your home.

2. It can greatly help to reduce the symptoms of allergy sufferers and improve the quality of life of asthmatics, as one of the benefits of a dehumidifier is that it can eliminate mould, fungi, and dust mite problems, which cause or exacerbate the symptoms of many respiratory diseases.

3. Helps improve the condition of rheumatism and/or arthritis and other bone conditions.

Although recent research has concluded that excess moisture in the environment is not the cause of these bone diseases, it does aggravate them in patients who already suffer from them.

4. Maintaining an environment free of excessive moisture also prevents unsightly moisture stains on the walls.

Normally, when the house warms up during the day, moisture evaporates and is retained in the air. But when the room cools down again at night, the moisture condenses on cold surfaces such as windows, walls, ceilings, etc. It is this condensation that eventually causes damp patches, due to the growth and proliferation of mould in damp, low-light spaces. So if you don't know how to control moisture in the walls, a dehumidifier for the home is your solution, as the dehumidifier works on the excess moisture held in the air.

5. Prevents corrosion of electrical appliances, pipes, and other metal surfaces.

A relative humidity in the room higher than 50% accelerates the corrosion of the metal components of home appliances. This occurs, as we have just seen in the previous section, because of condensation due to excess humidity in the room.

A dehumidifier can prevent or improve respiratory diseases caused by excess humidity.

Thus, as we have just seen, the use of a home dehumidifier is not a luxury accessory, but an effective and efficient way to help us prevent and/or improve respiratory and bone diseases, as well as to protect our material goods from humidity. It's really worth thinking about, because we're not just talking about possessions, but also our health.

I wish you excellent health!

Vincent Poulin!

President and Founder, Protech Allergies Inc.

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