Air Purifier Montreal

An air purifier is an efficient but inexpensive device for a family, an individual or a company: purifying the air and getting rid of all the pollutants it contains is possible!

Like many other household appliances, such as a water softener or even a clothes dryer, the air purifier is not indispensable, but it allows you to gain in comfort and offers real physical benefits. The purifier is an incredible health asset, when you know how to choose it.

Buying guide, where to buy an air purifier

The purchase of an air purifier is an operation that requires your full attention. It is important to take stock of the current market proposals and to know how to differentiate between the different air purifier offers before deciding. It's not a matter of unknowingly investing in a device because a salesperson tells you about a series of options with unpronounceable scientific names.

There are hundreds of brands that sell purifiers. Not all of them will give you the same results or have the same functions.

You can take into account from the start that an effective purifier will necessarily cost you several hundred dollars.

A purifier is not just a blowing device. An air purifier is the result of a combination of complex scientific technologies. I advise you to contact a company that specializes in this type of equipment. Choosing a Quebec brand that markets only one or a small range of air purifiers is already a guarantee of quality (material, order follow-up, after-sales service...).

Protech Allergies is a Quebec company that listens to its customers and offers an initial 2-year warranty on its products.

What is the purpose of the air purifier?

Which purifier to choose? It is important to determine the area of the house or the room whose air you want to purify. These data will allow you to make a first classification among the proposals on the internet or in household appliance stores.

A family in a room
If you want to purify the air in an office or a bedroom with sealed doors, you can look for a small air purifier model. For all other proposals (home, office building, open space, apartment with one or more bedrooms), look at the total square footage of the home to make your choice.

Very small air cleaners, which can clean about 220 square feet, are usually made for bedrooms or a small room. The purifier P1211 from Protech Allergies offers you an air flow of 120 m3/h.

Which air purification options should I choose?

A purifier allows you to rid the air of hundreds of substances that are harmful to your health: cigarette smoke, micro-particles, fungi, pollens... So choose the filtration system that suits your health needs.

DUST, HAIR AND DUST: The air purifier is ideal for people who are allergic to pollen, pet hair or who have breathing difficulties or asthma. A pre-filter is often used to purify the air by removing large dust and animal hair. This is a HEPA filter that traps pollen and dust in the indoor air. The latest generation HEPA filters remove 99.95% of all allergens and microscopic pollutants down to 0.01 microns.

SMOKING: Do you smoke or cook and are you looking for an air purifier to rid your home of these dangerous and smelly substances? Look for a purifier with a carbon filter or the latest HEPA filter technology.

NANOPARTICLES: millions of chemicals pollute our indoor air. They cause more or less visible reactions depending on the age and sensitivity of the occupants of the home. Most of these microscopic chemical components have proven toxic effects on living beings. Carbon filters, bamboo fiber filters, standard HEPA filters and nanofiber cartridges.

TOXIC GASES: Many toxic gases pollute our indoor air: carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide... These are filters made of activated carbon and the wide range of HEPA filters that trap and destroy the molecules of these dangerous gases.

MICROBES, BACTERIA AND VIRUSES: thanks to functions such as photo-catalysis, with or without U.V. or ionization, microbes, bacteria and viruses are trapped or destroyed. This function is ideal for fragile people, babies, the elderly, pregnant women or immunocompromised people. The UV function is available on the models P3001 and P6006 models of Protech Allergies.

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