Medical HEPA Filters

filtre medical hepa


An air purifier is a device that filters the air and removes foreign particles and impurities from it to improve the quality of the air in your home.

This diagram explains how the air is treated by a Protech Allergies air purifier.

1 - The air drawn into the air purifier passes through an anti-microbial pre-filter. This removes any large dust that could block the filtration system, thus extending the life of the HEPA filter.

2 - The air passes through the HEPA filter. This filter retains 99.95% of ultra-fine particles down to the size of 0.1 µm.

3 - Then the air passes through the activated carbon filter which eliminates VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) present in the air. It also has an action on certain odors such as tobacco and humidity.

4 - The air passes through the catalyst, a filter treated with lanthanes which have the property of transforming pollutants into carbon dioxide and water vapor.

5 - The air passes through the photocatalysis, activated with UV lamps. The last fine particles, transformed into carbon dioxide and water vapor, are then eliminated.

6 - The purifiers have negative ion emitters that aggregate with the pollutants and make them fall to the ground.

Finally, thanks to the fan, the treated air is rejected in the room, cleaned of its pollutants.

* : Air quality indicator expressed in micrograms of fine particles (PM2.5) per m3

When to replace the filters?

Concerning the models of air purifier P1211, P3001 and P6006 that will depend on your use of the air purifier. If you use it continuously we advise you to change the filters after 6 to 9 months, if on the other hand you use it only partially you can change them after one year. In general, the filters are good for an average of 1600 hours depending also on the degree of pollution to treat.

To help you, we offer a reminder service by email which consists in contacting you after the first six months of use to know your frequency of use of the air purifier and to advise you at this level. An indicator light will tell you when to change the filter also for the P3001 and P6006 models.

How do I replace the filters?

Replacing the filters on Protech Allergies air purifiers is very simple and similar on all units.

Step 1: Turn off the Protech Allergies air purifier and unplug it from the electrical outlet.

Step 2: Open the front cover of the air purifier by lifting it up and pulling it slightly towards you.

Step 3: Twist the hooks that hold the filters in place.

Step 4: Remove the filters, be careful not to shake them during this step to avoid dust falling out.

Step 5: Insert the new filters in the correct arrangement.

For the P1211, P3001 and P6006 air purifiers, they are composed of a single filter block. Simply insert it in the same direction as you removed it with the white HEPA filter facing you.

Step 6: Fold down the hooks to lock the filters.

Step 7: Close the air purifier, plug it back in and put it back into service.

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