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Less dust and allergens in the air

Because indoor air is 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air... At the same time that it cleans the floor, it purifies your indoor air. Dust and other fine particles larger than 2.5 microns are captured in the vacuum cleaner's filter providing you with healthier air and a better living environment.

V8006 Cordless Handheld HEPA-Filter Vacuum Cleaner

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Simple, light (2.5 kg), and powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery offering 40 minutes of battery life, this portable HEPA-filter vacuum cleaner will allow you to clean your house or apartment quickly and effectively. You’ll be able to clean under furniture easily, without having to bend over thanks to its ergonomic handle. No wonder it has become our most popular HEPA-filter vacuum!


Battery: 25.9 V lithium ion

Charging time: 3 hours

Battery life (maximum power): 15 minutes

Battery life (normal power): 40 minutes

Suction pressure: 16 kPa (normal) to 22kPa (max)

Dust tank capacity: 0.8 L

Washable HEPA filter. Requires little maintenance.

Air inlet filter: HEPA filter + stainless steel cyclone

Comes with an easy-to-store wall bracket.

Armed with an LED-lit electric brush that lets you find hard-to-spot dirt in every corner!

Digital/brushless motor provides strong suction and very long life.

Warranty: 1 year

The battery loses its efficiency after 500 charges. You can order a new one by clicking here.

Price: 350 - 15% = 297,5 (for a limited time)

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Tips from the specialist

The HEPA filter is a technology that has been introduced in the domestic world in recent years, especially in the manufacture of vacuum cleaners. Its use makes these appliances healthier and more efficient than before. HEPA filters purify the air as the vacuum cleaner cleans. If the vacuum motor is powerful enough, all the air is sucked through the filter. In this sense, the power determines, along with other elements, the price of the vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter is more expensive than one without it, but its great efficiency and durability mark the balance in favor of having one at home.

The HEPA filter present in it allows the HEPA vacuum cleaner to reduce the presence of allergens and dust particles, making the air healthier. For this reason, vacuums suitable for allergy sufferers are equipped with HEPA filters. They are also recommended for people with asthma or other respiratory problems.

Protech Allergies is proud to offer you the latest technology in portable HEPA vacuum cleaners to help you live in a healthier environment.

I wish you the best of health!

Vincent Poulin

Owner of Protech Allergies inc.