Do anti-bedbug mattress covers work?

Ninety percent of bed bugs in an infested home are usually found near the bedrooms mattress and often in the box spring!

This is because the mattress offers these insects multiple hiding places during the day and proximity to food - the blood of people sleeping on the mattress - at night.

A single fertilized female can produce enough bugs to infest an entire house in a few weeks. In this situation, all precautions are insufficient.

Using a bed bug mattress cover not only protects the mattress from a bed bug infestation, but also eliminates bed bugs hiding in the mattress by preventing them from coming out to feed.

Types of Bed Bug Mattress Covers

There are several options for bed bug mattress covers on the market. The ones that are really effective are those that completely cover the mattress and feature a reinforced security closure that ensures a complete seal.

The covers usually sold by pest control companies or by specialized companies such as Protech Allergies have certificates of effectiveness issued by scientific laboratories that guarantee the quality of the product. In these laboratories, the covers are tested to assess whether they are waterproof and resistant to the passage of any juvenile or adult form of bedbug.

They also evaluate whether the material they are made of prevents bed bugs from biting or passing through, ensuring that the cover provides complete insulation with 100% safety. Therefore, the use of a good bed bug mattress cover is a highly recommended strategy for controlling bed bugs in the home, not only because it allows the mattress to be reused even though it has been infected, but also because its use prevents bed bugs from being able to settle and proliferate in it.

Generally, it is recommended to cover not only the mattress, pillows but also the box spring because it is often in this place that bed bugs hide.

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