How to choose the right air purifier for your home

By reading this guide, you will be able to define what a good purifier is.

The efficiency of the device

The device that will be used to purify the air in a bedroom will not be the same as the one that will be used for a whole house. There are different models of air purifiers for different areas. It isall a question of performance, range and absorption capacity. Let's take the example of a room whose surface is equal to 70 m². In this case, the suction capacity of the device must be 300 m³/hour. On the other hand, a room measuring less than 20 m² will not require as much power. If this is the case, choose a small device.

In order to fully enjoy the benefits of an air purifier, it is also important to check its sound level. For maximum comfort, choose a purifier with adjustable speed. By doing so, its operation will not bother you in your daily routine, your professional activity, but also during your sleep.

The effectiveness of an air purifier also depends on its filtration system. This device will allow the device to retain microscopic particles such as pollens, nanoparticles, viruses and microbes. Some models will even eliminate smoke and bad odors if they are equipped with an activated carbon filter. A purifier that has a pre-filter and an effective HEPA filter will prevent you from inhaling dust and pet hair and is particularly effective against allergens.

Microbes and viruses are eliminated by ionization and photocatalysis as well as by UVC treatment.


The difficulty or otherwise of maintenance is linked to the filtration system. If your device belongs to the mechanical purifiers category, you will have to replace the filters more regularly. Also note that activated carbon filters have a more limited life span than HEPA filters. If the purifier is equipped with more than one of the latter, the cost of maintenance will be more expensive.

Also, to avoid any unpleasant surprises, make sure the product is covered by a warranty and the possibility of returning the product if you are not satisfied with it.

Also make sure that the devices are equipped with the latest technology, which is synonymous with performance. Indeed, technologies have evolved a lot in recent years.

Portable air purifiers, also known as mobile air purifiers, are much easier to maintain because of the low cost of consumables and the size of the housing. That said, these devices are intended for fairly small areas. So it's all a matter of need. Now, it's up to you to Find the model that suits your needs.